Why People Are Still Apprehensive In Buying Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are these types of vehicles that are powered by battery cells. Although it’s a very promising technology and big car manufacturers are backing it like Tesla, Nissan and Toyota, the fact that it’s not the most efficient car to refuel (if the term is correct for its technology) and the disappointing thing is that these companies are making EVs on schedule but nobody seems to be thinking about addressing the real problem.

The real problems isn’t how these EVs will run or how these EVs can save the world a ton of fossil fuel. The problem is that there are no places to charge other than homes and it can’t go the distance as it should simply because there aren’t a lot of EV fueling stations aside from places that are thriving with it. Because it’s still considered as a fairly new technology although it has been getting traction, many entities that plan to back up these types of technology are since it holds some really good potential. In Hong Kong that is already underway via wireless charging.

electric vehicle charging solution

EVs aren’t free: EVs are not free to roam the earth. The reality is that it’s trapped in a place where charging is present much like gas and diesel-powered vehicles. The only difference is that even if you don’t have a charging place or a refueling station a gas or diesel powered vehicles can still get refueled manually as long as you have diesel or gasoline handy with you and you can’t to that with EVs. So no matter how good looking any Tesla model is or how nice a Nissan leaf is the fact that it’s limited with its rance leaves few people to think otherwise in buying them, not to mention Tesla and Nissan haven’t even figured out how to keep it running outside its comfort zone.

It’s not for every country: There are countries that are bad for EVs, aside from laws that technically doesn’t permit these cars on the road, there are also countries where electricity is more expensive than oil. Aside from that, there aren’t a lot of repair guys that are trained to fix these things in their garage. Sure the regular stuff can be fixed but what separates EVs from regular cars is too prominent from the motor to the battery that it’s hard getting it fixed in places where even the best mechanic lives. Not t mention EV companies like Tesla doesn’t like sending parts to third party service providers.

There is a promising technology that needs a multisectoral approach: The main concern has always been charging because it takes time. With EVs, you can’t just replace an empty battery to charge with another full charge battery like other electronic devices are capable of. That is not just possible. But there is a way to do it, phones are already doing it in a different concept and it’s through wireless charging. The concept isn’t really new since this is already present in some street trains. The only problem is figuring out how to make it work with EVs. In Hong Kong, this is already getting traction.

Although EV vehicles are the future the fact that it has some issues that it hasn’t been addressed gives it a step back on its progress. But in Hong Kong, this is getting a traction. EV charging Hong Kong revolution is starting and it’s way better than what most people imagine. EV charging and EV charging payment system have already been starting and open for any interesting parties. If you have any interest in buying an EV and can’t really make yourself buy one because of the limitation, cstl.com.hk might make you finally decide to get one.