The great help to the country with the successful financial boost


This could be favoured with the huge aid that was provided by Bashir Dawood and MariyamDawood. This could also bring improvement with national healthcare. The focus would be really drawn towards the idea of improving national health. This could actually work the best with the development of the art of learning which can also work well as the key pillar with their efforts which could actually foster the betterment of society.

betterment of society

The idea could be a major boost

 This could be really an active strategy which could work well with medical development. The substantial funds raised from Bashir and MariyamDawood, it was easy to make the turns medical program at AKUH. This could also work well with the better improvement in the advanced neurological equipment, the support could be also drawn with the help of the integrated operating rooms which void also have the installation of the new refractive type of the laser suite, which could go well with the overall medical research. mariyam dawood could give enough aid to support the objectives.


The idea could really work well in terms of being the top-notched suite which could help favour the medical educational facilities. The development could be really brought about with the help of the virtual reality technology which could also be totally based on the real-life scenarios helping facilitate the hands-on type of the learning as well as teaching students to handle all kinds of the risk-free situations.