How much you know about the importance of life skills?

The world is constantly changing, and in the same way, the labor market is also constantly evolving. We have noticed a remarkable change in the way of presenting a resume or conducting a job interview, with more and more companies evaluating their candidates, paying special attention to their social or professional skills. Visit us for cpd.

We can distinguish between social, professional or personal skills and within these, the coach will give more importance to one or the other depending on the type of position to which the candidate aspires. In the workplace, the social and professional skills are more relevant, of which we speak next.

Must have Social skills

Social skills are the behaviors or attitudes of a person when interacting with their environment. Its importance is due to the fact that it favors performance at work, that is, a person with good social skills performs its functions more effectively. Some social skills are:




-Capacity for teamwork

-Active listening

-Self-confidence and optimism


-Communication capacity

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Must have professional skills now-days

On the other hand, there are professional skills, which allow you to stand out as a professional and demonstrate the specific knowledge of the profession; these are acquired and improved over time. Some professional skills are:





Stress management


-Communication capacity

Innovation and creativity

-Initiative and decision making

Common skills needed by all sectors

In a global way, we could say that there are certain skills that are valued in general by all the selectors. These would be some of them:

Creativity and innovation:

a professional is valued that contributes ideas and looks for new ways for the company, beyond what has been previously implanted.

Ability to work in a team:

The professional must be an open person, with the ability to create bonds with his colleagues and work together to pursue common goals.


 The ability to adapt to possible changes in the environment, facing new challenges both personal and business.


Be able to perform different tasks within the company, adapt to changes in schedules or different situations that may arise over time.


Having performed functions in similar positions, will be very positive for the new job.

Geographical flexibility:

Be willing to move if necessary, both occasionally, and permanently to other places.

Organizational capacity:

Setting targets and planning for the development of their work.

Technical knowledge:

In addition to theoretical knowledge, it is very important that the candidate knows the tools and working methods.

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